I’ve had a strong calling since I can remember to help people for as long as I can remember.  I believed that I could help them as a psychologist, author, motivational speaker and coach.

To this end I got my Doctorate in psychology from RAU and my Diploma in Hypnotherapy.  I have been in private practise for the last 15 years.  My academic qualifications and love of people has led me on the most wonderful adventures both locally and internationally.

I have been asked to present keynote addresses and courses to many companies over the years. I’ve been a guest on many television and radio programmes and have been qouted in the press on industry related matters.  I have been asked to present keynote addresses and courses to many companies over the years.

I also get numerous requests to present lectures to Master Degree students at various South African universities. In addition, I’ve been a judge and adjudicator at the Mr.s South Africa function.


TDS speech & drama

BA (Unisa)

Bed (RAU)

D Ed (RAU)

Practitioner in NLP

Diplomat (Clinical Hypnosis)


Before starting my practice I was a senior lecturer at a prominent university.  I have also worked as an organisational behavioral consultant.


From 2000 to the present day, I have conducted various workshops – both in-house, as well as open-day workshops.  The theme of the open-day workshops is SHatetr Your Glass Ceiling and Develop Yourself.  The corporate training facilitation workshops cover a variety of topics with a general theme of ’emotional mastery’ and ‘ personal leadership’.

Because it is my passion to empower people, I also conduct coaching sessions to individuals and groups.


Self Regulation

Corner Office

Success vs. Significance

Have a Purpose Driven Life

Die Emosionele  Ontwikkeling en Groei van die Vrou

Breek Deur Jou Glas Plafon

Dance on Your Glass Ceiling


Breek Deur Jou Glas Plafon, publisjhed in 2004

Dance on Your Glass Ceiling, published in March 2006

Louita, published in 2008




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